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What do we offer you?

Every bride often has a precise vision of how her wedding day should look from a young age. Therefore, we take great care to fulfill this vision down to the smallest detail. We are not afraid of atypical requests—in fact, we value the trust you place in us with these. You simply choose the types and content of the decorations, and then leave the entire process, from creation and transportation to installation, in our hands.

Wedding Bouquets
Wedding Bouquets
Wedding Boutonnieres
Wedding Boutonnieres
Interior Decoration
Interior Decoration
Exterior Decoration
Exterior Decoration
Crowns and Bracelets
Crowns and Bracelets

We also offer wedding inventory rental in collaboration with Nobler

Our Wedding Designs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can you provide?

We can arrange (almost) anything you can think of. From custom-made traditional wedding bouquets to unique and extraordinary interior and exterior creations with delivery and on-site installation.

What determines the cost of the wedding decoration?

The final cost depends on several factors. Primarily on the choice of flowers, followed by the number of tables, and the extent and complexity of your envisioned decor. We always aim to meet your preferences and financial possibilities.

What if I have a special request?

We have experience with various unique requests, such as a floral collar for a dog (Viktória and Stano's wedding). There are no limits to creativity! :)

When should I plan the wedding decoration?

We can handle the decoration promptly within a few days, but we recommend planning at least two months in advance. This gives us more time to prepare multiple options for you and ensure the freshness of the flowers.

I'm interested in a particular type of flowers, can you get them?

We have longstanding relationships with various suppliers in Europe, so if we have the time, we can fulfill your specific vision.

Can you also help with venue rental?

Certainly, we can recommend several venue options and assist you with their reservation.

Kind Words

"Thank you for the beautiful wedding bouquet and decoration. The flowers were beautiful, and everyone liked them. I warmly recommend your flower shop. I will definitely continue to come here with joy."


"I wanted to thank you in this way for the beautiful decoration at Hotel Devín. Everything was absolutely beautiful, both the flowers and the arch. Thank you very much for making our wedding beautiful!"


"I couldn't have picked better ladies. They were skilful, willing, and assisted me with every detail. I showed them pictures and explained my vision, and what the ladies created went beyond my expectations ..."

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